Blog 1 Prompt

After completing the reading for Week 2, write a post that reflects on Beer’s response to boyd & Ellison‘s article. You should (very briefly) summarize his response to their work, and then formulate your own response to both. Do you agree with Beer’s criticisms of boyd & Ellison? Do you have your own criticisms to offer, of either article? What might you add, given whatever developments you’ve observed in the last four years since Beer’s article was published? How do *you* think scholars should approach the study of social media? In support of your answers to these questions, you should bring in current, concrete examples from actual social network(ing) sites. Your examples should illustrate how the approaches you advocate would help scholars to understand that site and its users.

See the Instructions for Blogging page for more specific guidelines about crafting your post.

This post is due by 8pm on Friday, February 3.

Note: You should provide hyperlinks to the websites of any individuals you mention in your post, as well as to the articles discussed (like I did above), so that readers who have not taken our class would be able to follow your argument. And remember to tag your post with your group name and “blog1”!

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