Blog 2 Prompt

After completing the reading for Week 4, write a post that reflects on the contemporary discourse around interpersonal relationships as mediated through social network(ing) platforms. As a starting point for your post, find a recent example from media discourse about interpersonal relationships and social media (e.g. a blog post, a magazine article, a tv clip, etc.). These are some hypothetical example articles. After (very briefly) summarizing your example, provide a critical response to it which answers (some of) the following questions: How do the theories and analytical tools offered by Baym, boyd, and Donath help you to interpret the information presented? What do you think about the way in which this story is presented? How might the story  have been presented differently? Do you think it should have been presented differently, based on what you’ve learned in this course so far? How does the presentation of this story compare with the presentation of the story(ies) in Life 2.0?

You are basically being asked to provide meta-commentary on a current story, which takes into account the ideas we’ve covered in class. You should focus on the way the facts of the case are represented, more so than the actual facts of the case. In other words, you should be thinking about the discourse around social media and interpersonal relationships, rather than the nuts and bolts of actual interpersonal relationships.

As usual, be sure to tag your post appropriately (use “blog2” this time), and to provide hyperlinks to all authors and articles/books/films you mention.

See the Instructions for Blogging page for more specific guidelines about crafting your post.

This post is due by 8pm on Friday, February 17.

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