Response 4 Prompt

For your fourth response, you will respond as you have been accustomed to doing, but you have a few different options as to where and how to post your response. You may choose from the following original posts to write a response to:

Kony2012 and Youth Activism Via SNS, by your classmate Joey Johnson

I’m a Mature Young Adult Because I Use Social Media to Get My News, by your classmate Caroline Sayer 

The “Girls Around Me” Problem Isn’t Just About Data but Sexism, by Nathan Jurgenson

Welcome to the “Augmented Revolution, also by Nathan Jurgenson

The Subjectivity of Slacktivism, by Sarah Kendzior

The Power of Youth: How Invisible Children Orchestrated Kony 2012, by danah boyd

Your response should address the content of the original piece and/or any comments that are posted previous to yours. If you choose to respond to the Jurgenson, Kendzior, or boyd pieces, you should post your comment directly on the original article and email a link to your comment to both Tanya and Prof P-S so that we can easily see it and give you credit for your post.

Your comment must be posted and emailed to us by 8pm on April 20th.

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