Tao of Twitter Notes

The Tao of Twitter by Mark Schaefer

  • A book whose sole purpose is to smash the negative stereotypes that talk of Twitter as a ‘waste of time’, and show readers that the personal and business benefits you can achieve on Twitter are real and are far-reaching.
  • The reader is able to understand the whole point of Twitter in the first 10 pages, and see what it’s capable of, instead of getting immediately bogged down with dry definitions and acronyms.
  • Is Twitter for Everybody?
    • Twitter is not for everyone.
    • An ideal user of twitter would have the following characteristics:
      •     Small business-owner
      •     Enormous, global market potential (needs a lot of awareness)
      •     Small marketing budget
      •     Selling differentiated personal services
      •     No time to blog, develop extensive content, etc.
      •     Tech-savvy
      •    A charming, bright person with engaging personality.
    • Twitter Quitter
      • Someone who refuses to use twitter
        • Refusal reasons include:
          • Lack of understanding
          • 140 characters isn’t sufficient enough to express ideas
          • Seems like idle chatter
      • Some say it favors out-going people, yet introverts are quick to say that they love the platform as way to connect on their own terms and build quality relationships slowly. Maybe it has something to do with patience.  Perhaps it is being creeped out by the crowds or by having strangers “follow you.”
      • Honestly, I haven’t figured it out, but I do acknowledge the fact that some very intelligent and wonderful people just don’t like Twitter even when they can see the benefits.
    • What about organizations?
      • When it comes to business communications strategy, it really gets down to this: What are your business objectives?  What do you need to say?  Where do your customers get their information?
      • People are piling on to the social web in record numbers and are also spending an enormous amount of time there. In an always-connected world, the role of social media in the business and personal world is blurring.
      • Become a valued subject matter expert.
      • Create new business opportunities for your company.
      • However, there are MANY other business benefits to Twitter beyond simply getting sales leads.  Even if your customers aren’t there in force, it is still an incredibly powerful way to learn, connect with thought leaders, and identify new business opportunities.
  • 3 Tao’s to ensure that you are developing are strong community:
    • Attracting targeted followers: How to surround yourself with people who might be interested in you and what you have to say.
    • Provide meaningful content: This goes from some interesting news information you heard to your opinion on something to tweet about what interests you. 
    • Offering authentic helpfulness: Do you have the mindset to help others? Friendships on the social web are built on trust and that must be earned.
  • Using these you will be able to understand the full benefits of twitter.
  • Twitter can give businesses good competitive advantage.
  • Needs to be used actively, but not in a way that it begins to consumer you’re entire day.
  • Outlines the problems businesses face when first adopting to Social Media
  • Twitter is as much as an art as it is a science.
  • You should put your own account in you lists because as people subscribe to your list they’ll be able to see your tweets as well.
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