Blog 4: Book Review Rough Draft

Book: “30 Days to Social Media Success”

by: Gail Z. Martin

  • Audience: seems to be an older audience she is addressing; people who are already established professionals with businesses who now need to expand their businesses online using social media; busy individuals who wants a crash course into the world of social media
  • Discourse Used: Domestication- sets up the notion that social media is a necessary part of business and life nowadays emphasizing that it’s not just a fad; if people want to succeed in business they must succeed in social media
  • Myths About Social Media: 1. it’s just for kids 2. it’s just a fad 3. it’s all you need 4. quantity trumps quality 5. i’m too busy for social media
  • Issues with her points:
  • 1. she contradicts herself a lot- says quantity doesn’t trump quality and that you should know your audience, but then focuses a lot on spreading the word of one’s business rather than focusing it on a specific group
  • 2. doesn’t suggest that one should participate in social media prior to creating a business profile using it; you need to understand how users use it before you can target your audience
  • 3. too brief and unrealistic- seems like a marketing ploy/ quick-fix; also unrealistic to do 1 thing each day for 30 days
  • 4. she has no personal stories of how these techniques helped her- nothing to back up her suggestions
  • 5. doesn’t clearly prioritize- lists numerous sites to use, but it’s unrealistic to keep up with all of them
  • Good Points:
  • know your competitors- use them to expand your business/ turn them into partners
  • notion of having a “true voice” and telling your own personal stories- helps authenticate your business
  • having a business plan/ action plan
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  2. anglas412

     /  April 26, 2012

    sure! sorry about that!


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