“The Zen of Social Media Marketing” – Shama Hyder Kabani

  • Makes important distinction between traditional marketing strategies and how these must be adapted to suit social media (although she’s not always clear on how this is best accomplished)
  • Emphasizes that social media should be used to have a conversation, rather than pushing a message
  • Companies should take advantage of opportunities provided by social media to interact with consumers
  • Draws parallels with the offline world while noting important distinctions
  • Book is targeted towards an audience with little to no social media (or even internet) experience
  • Seemingly outlandish statistics included with no sources or explanation of how they were derived
  • Occasional evidence of lack of knowledge of platforms (“twittering”)
  • Doesn’t provide a good sense of the user culture of each social media platform
  • Much of the information included is common sense or could be found in easier-to-comprehend formats for free online
  • Vastly overstated importance of certain items (Google +)
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