“The Zen of Social Media Marketing”

She makes many clear distinctions about social media marketing and a traditional type of marketing, saying its better in this day and age to use SMM. 

Emphasizes that social media should be the real you and should be used to make your future customers/consumers love you rather than just selling a product.

Book’s audience is people with little to no social media experience.

Book uses many statistics that had no sources or explanations of how they were derived. No proof behind many of her statements.

Uses words that aren’t typically associated with certain sites.  Instead of tweeting, she repeatedly said twittering.

Doesn’t show a good sense of the user culture of each social media platform, but shows the surface of each one.

Much of the information included is common sense or could be found in easier-to-comprehend formats for free online. Book was honestly a waste of money.

Showed too much importance of Google+, when it is barely used by the younger generation.

The book is laid out well, and covers Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Social Advertising, and video online (Youtube). Each SMN has its own section and she explains thoroughly how to set it up and use it to help your business “prosper.”

Book is pretty much common sense knowledge for people who are very familiar with these sites and have been using them for a long time.

Throughout the book, she boasts about herself, which I thought was very irrelevant to the purpose of her book. 

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