30 Days to Social Media Success(?)

Oh the power of a pretty book cover and mediocre Amazon reviews. For a woman who knows how to market her own book pretty well (we did all buy a copy, didn’t we?), it really surprises me that the marketing advice she offers within the book is…lacking, to say the least. However, I wouldn’t consider myself part of her target audience so perhaps I’m being a bit too harsh.

Martin’s book is best suited for professionals that already have an established business that has been just getting by through word-of-mouth marketing. But for whatever reason, they have decided to take a leap forward by joining the rest of the world online. Her “anatomy” breakdown of popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are obviously aimed at people who have had no experience with these sites whatsoever. She also seems a little more geared toward professionals who are trying to sell a service more than a product.

 Martin claims she has been in the marketing industry for over 25 years and that is reflected in the advice she provides—in the sense that most of what she was saying is very spot on. She placed a heavy emphasis on commitment and consistency to one’s social media marketing and that is very true, however she doesn’t take it a step further to the point where she is encouraging domestication. She encourages her readers to spend a 30 minutes everyday on social media marketing. This of course probably has to do with the fact that most of her readers are either the only employee of their business or have extremely limited staff, but to only block off 30 minutes every morning is unrealistic and impractical. Sure there are programs that let you schedule content for the rest of the day, however Martin forgets(?) to mention how important it is to reply back and interact with potential clients/customers/fans. Although social media is considered asynchronous communication, the response time for most replies should be made within a couple of hours and most definitely not a day later!

Overall, Martin offers some good points for business owners new to the world of social media, but anyone looking help on social media culture and etiquette should search elsewhere. Martin does not go in-depth enough with any specific social media site and because the book does not zero in on a specific industry, it’s advice and direction is just too vague and will ultimately waste the reader’s time by having them focus on either all social media sites or on ones that are irrelevant to their business.

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