“30 Days” Book Review Outline

I. Thesis: In her book, 30 days to Social Media Success, marketing expert Gail Z. Martin discusses how to achieve social media success in an extremely basic way that is targeted to an older generation who did grow up with the Internet as an integral part of life and business; her lack of detail and use of generalizations weaken what could have potentially been a more useful book for a larger scope of people.

II. Summary of book’s content and format 

  •  Goal to “rethink, reenergize, and restart social media marketing”
  • R.E.S.U.L.T.S.
  • Ch. 1-7: Ensuring marketing strategy aligns with business goals
  • Ch. 8-21: How to use social media to promote businesses
  • Ch. 22-30: Ties together business goals and social media strategy
  • Discussion of intended audience

III. Strengths: How the book reflects popular social media discourse and course concepts

  • Martin highlights the domestication discourse (Baym)
  • Idea of a real story and a “true voice” – addresses inauthenticity  (Baym)
  • Using social media for business purposes calls attention to Beers’ critique of boyd and Ellison – economic components, critique of capitalism, etc.

IV. Weaknesses: How the text contradicts or ignores course concepts

  • Discrepancies about what qualifies as social media (boyd & Ellison, Donath) and what it is used for (“On Facebook, it’s ok to talk to strangers…” vs. Ellison, Steinfield, & Lampe)
  • Assumes all consumers and businesses will engage in media multiplexity (Haythornthwaite)
  • Does not address different types of ties and social capital each site fosters (Baym; Ellison, Steinfield, & Lampe)
  • Does not encourage participant observation of different social media profiles before diving in to use the sites for business purposes (Nardi)
  • Approaches social media marketing with somewhat of a slacktivist attitude (Kendzior)

V. Conclusion/Final Opinions

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