30 Days to Social Media Success Rough Draft

  • The use of a mix of weak and strong ties is supported by Martin
  • Intended for people who are not used to social media / web 2.0 in general
  • More for small business owners than big corporations
  • Big proponent of using your voice, not forcing it
  • Building the brand name
  • Pushing for a domestication of social media into every sort of business, not just ones that need to market to global audiences.
  • More social construction of technology vs deterministic because of the way Gail Martin shows how to manipulate social media to work for your needs, not the other way around.
  • The advice itself is interesting
  • Big push for small but consistent steps
  • Incorporates a wide variety of social media
  • Doesn’t go much beyond the 30 day plan
  • Some SNS don’t apply to some people, but a sort of “one business fits all (SNS)” approach is taken


The formatting got completely messed up when I transferred from Word…. ><;;

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