Book Review Draft: “Crush it” by Gary Vaynerchuck


Gary Vaynerchuck, in his book, Crush It, has three simple rules. One, “Love your Family.” Two, “Work Superhard.” Three, “Live your Passion.” The book itself is a how-to manual for the third rule. How to live your passion and also make a living off of it. His mission? To convince his readers that they should start thinking of themselves as a “brand.” Like he says, “your DNA dictates your brand.”  You can have a passion for anything in this world, even something as small as stickers, and still succeed growing a business around it because of the ubiquity of social media. Social Media has made it possible for anyone to reach out to thousands of people, in very limited time. So there is really no reason not to use it as the most powerful tool at your disposal to start living your passion.

The Issue of Audience:

Vaynerchuck speaks firstly to individuals who want to grow their own businesses and marketers looking for more ways to extend their reach. But this book was written with the average person in mind. Everyone, literally everyone, can start becoming their own personal brand through social media and Vaynerchuck made sure to stress this point. All it takes is to “first discover the passion, and then the medium.”

Groupmates Points:

My groupmates had plenty to say about Gary Vaynerchuck’s book. It was unanimously liked by everyone even though we all thought that it was more of a motivational tool than an actual how-to. The concepts he laid out seemed a tad simplistic and a little obvious but nonetheless, he introduced an amazing method of where to start. My groupmates outlined the type of approach Vaynerchuck took.

1. Social Construction of Technology

Social media encourages people to bring out there tendencies. According to Vaynerchuck, “Social Media=Business” since we all are somewhat of a personal brand already with our social media profiles.

2. Social Shaping

Vaynerchuck was all about exploring the possibilities of how social media and personal brand building can interact successfully with each other.

3. Authenticity

In the book, Vaynerchuck reveals himself in an intimate autobiographical chapter. Authenticity was a word he mentioned several times. Its one of the most powerful forces behind your brand.




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