Book Review Draft: Six Pixels of Separation

  • Target audience appears to be those who are older, small business owners, and looking to further online visibility
  • Content is much more directed to what should be down, as opposed to how it should it be done
  • Despite being published in 2009, the focus seems to solely be blogs, as opposed to the other burgeoning platforms of the time
  • Offers false hope since it hypes people up to believing that things are simple and possible
  • The book focuses too much on the positive, and does not discuss what to do with negativity
  • Emphasis seems to be that the network already exists although these are people who do not seem likely to possess such a vast network
  • Statement that “This new economy is driven by your time vested and not by your money invested” is incredibly problematic
  • The book has no actual structure and very disjunct
  • Though the title is catchy, there is little reason for the “pixels” apart from it being catchy and digital
  • Relation to any theories seems weak, especially since there is little explanation on why things will happen – there is the assumption that they just will
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