Book Review Notes/Draft

Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel

-Seems like he’s writing to people who discount the internet/social media as effective marketing tools
-simple ideas, but repetitive (know your audience, know your goal, know your reach)
-page 5 (it’s now about time invested, not money) — is it really?? kind of false hope.
-Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is.
-true, pretty common sense
-but it’s nice that he goes into how to monitor what Google says your brand is
-but I wish he had done it then, not a number of pages later (~pg 60)
-concept of mutual assistance
-”community is the new currency”
-it almost feels like he’s throwing out catch phrases
-I don’t necessarily agree w/what he says that “one opinion quickly turns into everyone’s opinion (21)

-stresses trust in our participatory culture
-also don’t agree that we’ll trust Sally from Carefree Arizona over NYTimes Book Review
-they give different perspectives and contribute in different ways

-nice that he brings traditional advertising and communications tactics and just shows them in the online world adaptations (page 28)
-very basic — defining things like a blog and podcast without really saying how to use them
-pg 32 “digital marketing is about being slow” — keeps expectations realistic
lol “digital marketing is not a one night stand”
maybe useful making it personal? in social terms? i don’t know.
no shortcuts to success
-explains how to build trust
titles are self-explanatory (choose one user name, one photo, be consistent, add value, respond)
-the way he says make responding your “one golden rule” (41) — it’s like it’s a basic book teaching cultural norms (just in this case, it happens to be online)
-i like that he says the website need to be clean and easy to navigate above all else — again it’s so basic but i guess it needs to be said

-not about control, about volume of your voice
-money does not equal volume of voice (yeah but it helps?)
-democratization of the media
-cool to think of the internet as a real life focus group
-random thing about real world meet ups — felt out of place in this book? like the unconference…

-the personal brand is like the deeper trust we extend to our immediate family (125-126)
In this digital age, your personal brand will be your most powerful ally (or enemy). (127)

-he had the catchy phrase “six pixels of separation”
new book control alt delete

-just having a blog is not enough to save your business
-also the examples he used weren’t really helpful
-from the very start he’s still using six degrees of separation — the internet makes it easier to connect to people but you still have to go through that degree,that person (emily kaufman)
-he says to broadcast the real you, you have to be yourself online — trust economy
-his examples were often off focus (radio head example, didn’t make a point, inconclusive results

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