Rough Draft- “The Zen of Social Media Marketing”


–       Originally marketing was one way street with a target demo, now it’s about using the internet to get your message across so that you can move people to take action and buy into your brand

–       Now marketing is a two way conversation with real costumers

–       ACT- attract, convert, transform

–       General overview of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Social Advertising, and online video

Course concepts

–       technological determinism- speaks of how the platforms inform both the brands and users

–       mixed modality- utilizing multiple technologies at the same time, sites interconnected


–       people who are not familiar with online marketing and the online world at all- new users of social media sites

–       not only were the social media “instructions” basic, the marketing ideas presented in the book were basic as well

–       perhaps the target audience were not only for small businesses, but microscopic ones, such as the case she mentions of the woman selling handmade quilts out of her home


–       be real- don’t pretend to be someone else who likes your brand in order to promote it. humanize your brand by making your twitter handle your name and engaging in conversation with the consumer

–       do not use auto follow programs that automatically refollow your new followers

–       do not beg for new followers, earn them


–       no real statistics to back up her claims. Uses her own experiences (many of them) to justify what she says but there are no hard facts

–       does not give any clue about user culture and the different types of people that use each site. Talked more about the functions of the sites than the people using them. very on the surface

–       writes an entire chapter on Google+ when it is not a very popular social media site that would benefit a brand as well as others

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