Six Pixels of Separation

“Now digital marketing expert Mitch Joel presents the first book to integrate digital marketing, social media, personal branding, and entrepreneurship in a clear, entertaining, and instructive way that everyone can understand and apply.”

To be honest, I don’t read books of this nature too often, or at all really. As I comb through the shelves in a book store that I stumble upon, I am more often than not wandering through a Romance, Horror, or Comics section. I pick a book up, look at the cover, read the back, and chances are, I put it right back down. Needless to say, I have a very short attention span. “Six Pixels of Separation” by Mitch Joel was a pleasant surprise in that it was not set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with flesh-eating zombies, nor was it a cheese-fest about an awkward couple’s courtship, but yet I could not seem to put it down.


-Voice; It was a focus point for Joel that one should aim to narrate his or her online activity in a manner that reflected well their ‘real world’ personality; no singular trajectory or narrative of the book, but the continuity of the author’s writing style made transition from one topic or personal anecdote to another relatively seemless

-Anecdotes were representative and relevant to his topics; recounting successes of those who started from little and successfully utilized digital media in the ways and using the strategies that he offers was helpful, as he kept his audience in mind (those reading this kind of self-help book are those who seek to utilize digital media in ways that are not already i.e. older, business-minded)

-Makes no promises to the reader; while he provides helpful anecdotes and stories, he makes clear that these are exemplary, and does not mean to assert that achieving such success is a simple task nor one that is achieved regularly

-Does not oversimplify, yet does not inundate the reader with terminology.

-Stresses the importance of working ethically to achieve success, being transparent; Joel constantly reminds the reader to stay true to their identity offline

-Social shaping; does not profess that usage of the technologies or particular networking sites will result in the financial gain that the reader ultimately seeks, but stresses that it is a matter of taking advantage of these technological affordances in a profitable way, our online actions an extension of our ‘real world’ autonomy

Cons: TBC

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