Instructions for blogging

Original Posts

For each blog essay, you should respond thoughtfully to the prompt given. (You can find the prompt quickly by searching for the “prompt” tag.) You don’t necessarily have to address every question posed by the prompt but you should construct a substantive answer that addresses at least some of them. You should aim for 750 words for your post (1000 words max). You are encouraged to provide hyperlinks to content on the web wherever relevant. Remember the rules of netiquette – attribution of sources is key. Whenever you bring in an idea or words that you have seen somewhere else, provide a link back to the source. This will a) drive traffic to your post, b) help your readers explore the topic further, and c) build a good reputation for yourself as an ethical blogger. You should also make use of the Tags function. For each post you must add a tag with the name of your group (everyone in the group must use the same tag) and a tag that specifies which prompt you are responding to. (For example, if you were writing a post for Blog Prompt 3 and your group decided to call themselves “Unicorns” you would use the tags “blog3” and “unicorns”.) You are welcome to add any other tags that you think pertain to the content of your post, but these two are required. We will be looking for originality, creative flair, and unique insight in your posts. They should be crafted to provoke responses and discussion among your classmates.

Each blog essay will be awarded up to 100 points. All of the following criteria must be present to earn 100:

  • Substantive response to (most of) the questions posed by the prompt
  • Hyperlinks and multimedia examples
  • Proper attribution/trackbacks
  • Appropriate tags (group name and blog #)
  • Adequate length (750-1000 words)
  • Proofreading for grammar, spelling, formatting – make it easy for readers to look at!
  • Originality, creative flair, and unique insight.

As per the Late policy on the syllabus, late blog posts will not be accepted. It must be up by 8pm on the specified due date or it will not receive any points. If you experience technical difficulties, email a backup copy of your post to Tanya so that you will not miss out on receiving credit for your work. She must receive your email by 8pm in order to give you credit (in other words, double check that your post goes live well before 8pm so you have time to email Tanya if necessary).

Blog Responses

After the initial round of essay posts goes up, you will be responsible for reading all the posts in your group and crafting a substantive response to at least one of them, which you will post as a comment to the original post. Your response can expand on questions asked by the original poster, offer a (respectful) counterpoint to the original post, offer examples that usefully illuminate points made in the original post, etc. You should aim for your response to be around 250 words. Again, we are looking for thoughtful reflection, a substantive contribution, and the provocation of further discussion. If these aspects are all present, you will receive full credit for your response.

You can use the search function to find the posts from your group – simply search for your group name and the blog number (so¬†if you were trying to write a response post for Blog 3 and you were in the Unicorns group, you’d search for posts tagged +blog3 and +unicorns).

The same policies apply as far as lateness and technical difficulties.

If you have any questions or need help learning how to navigate the blogging software, don’t hesitate to ask!

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