Course Schedule

Week 1: Introductions

1/23:    No readings – introductions

1/25:    Baym, Personal Connections in the Digital Age, Chapter 1

Watch “An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube” (on Youtube)


Week 2: Defining Social Media

1/30:    Baym, Chapter 2

Donath, “Sociable Media”

2/1:      Boyd & Ellison, “Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship”

Beer, “Social network(ing) sites… revisiting the story so far: A response to danah boyd and Nicole Ellison”

Blog Post 1 due at 8pm on 2/3


Week 3: Studying Social Media

2/6:      Baym, Personal Connections in the Digital Age, Chapter 3

Slater, “Social Relationships and Identity Online and Offline”

2/8:      Nardi, excerpts from My Life as a Night Elf Priest

Boyd, Golder, & Lotan, “Tweet, Tweet, Retweet: Conversational Aspects of Retweeting on Twitter”

Hargittai, “Whose Space? Differences Among Users and Non-Users of Social Network Sites”

Blog Response 1 due at 8 pm on 2/10


Week 4: Forming Relationships and Community through Social Media

2/13:    Baym, Personal Connections in the Digital Age, Chapters 4-7

2/15:    Boyd, “Friends, Friendsters, and Myspace Top 8”

Donath & boyd, “Public Displays of Connection”

Blog Post 2 due at 8pm on 2/21


Week 5: Forming Relationships and Community, continued

2/20:    No Class

2/22:    Ellison, Steinfield, & Lampe, “The benefits of Facebook ‘friends’”

Haythornthwaite, “Social Networks and Internet Connectivity Effects”

Blog Response 2 due at 8pm on 2/24


Week 6: Performing Identity through Social Media

2/27:    Jones, et al., “Whose Space is MySpace?”

Liu, “Social Network Profiles as Taste Performances”

Marwick I’m More Than Just a Friendster Profile: Identity, Authenticity, and Power in Social Networking Services”

3/1:      Marwick & boyd, “I Tweet Honestly, I Tweet Passionately: Twitter Users, Context Collapse, and the Imagined Audience”

Weber & Mitchell “Imaging, keyboarding, and posting identities: Young people and new media technologies”


Week 7: Midterm Week

3/6:      Midterm Review

3/8:      Midterm


Spring Recess 3/12-3/17


Week 8: Youth

3/19:    boyd “Why youth (heart) social network sites: The role of networked publics

in teenage social life”

boyd & Marwick, “Social Steganography: Privacy in Networked Publics”

Willett, “As Soon as You Get on Bebo You Just Go Mad”: Young Consumers and the Discursive Construction of Teenagers Online

Hasinoff, “Sexting as Media Production”

Mitchell, et al., “Prevalence and Characteristics of Youth Sexting”

3/21:    No readings

Blog Post 3 due at 8pm on 3/23

Week 9: Race, Ethnicity, Class

3/26:    Boyd, “White Flight in Networked Publics? How Race and Class Shaped American Teen Engagement with MySpace and Facebook”

Hargittai, “Open Doors, Closed Spaces? Differentiated Adoption of Social Network Sites by User Background”

Thomas, “KPK, Inc.: Race, Nation, and Emergent Culture in Online Games”

Everett, “Have We Become Postracial Yet? Race and Media Technology in the Age of President Obama”

3/28: No readings

Blog Response 3 due at 8pm on 3/30


Week 10: Gender and Sexuality

4/2:      Dobson, “The ‘Grotesque Body’ in Young Women’s Self Presentations on MySpace”

Banet-Weiser, “Branding the post-feminist self: Girls’ video production and Youtube”

Gross, “Somewhere There’s a Place for Us: Sexual Minorities and the Internet”

Gray, “Online Profiles: Remediating the Coming-Out Story”

4/4: No readings


Week 11: Politics and Activism

4/9:    Vichot & Li, “A Brief Outline of Kony 2012 and Initial Reactions to the Campaign

Jenkins, “Contextualizing #Kony2012: Invisible Children, Spreadible Media, and Transmedia Activism

4/11: Boyd, “Can Social Network Sites Enable Political Action?”

Morozov, “Why Kierkegaard Hates Slacktivism”

Groups must agree on Marketing book by class time on 4/11

Week 12: Politics and Activism, continued

4/16:   “Writing, New Media, & Feminist Activism” (you can either listen to the podcast or watch the video)

Murthy, “Twitter: Microphone for the Masses?”


Gladwell, “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted”

Mirani, “Sorry, Malcolm Gladwell, the Revolution May Well Be Tweeted”

Jurgenson, “Welcome to the Augmented Revolution”

4/18:    Kozinets, “E-Tribalized Marketing?”

Blog Response 4 due at 8pm on 4/20


Week 13: Learning About and Reaching Consumers

4/23:    Clemons, “The complex problem of monetizing virtual electronic social networks”

Mangold & Faulds, “Social media: The new hybrid element of the promotion mix”

4/25:    Prepare to discuss the book you are reviewing (you should have it read by today)

Bring book review notes with you to class

Blog 4 (book review draft) due at 8pm on 4/27


Week 14: Ethical issues: Privacy, Labor, Identity Regulation

4/30:    Boyd & Hargittai, “Facebook Privacy Settings: Who Cares?”

Petersen, “Loser Generated Content: From Participation to Exploitation”

Andrejevic, “Surveillance and Alienation in the Online Economy”

Book Review due at 12 noon

5/2:      Gandy, “Matrix Multiplication and the Digital Divide”

Cheney-Lippold, “A New Algorithmic Identity”

Dibbell, “A Rape in Cyberspace”


Week 15: Refusing Social Media

5/7:      Marwick, “’If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Use It. It’s That Simple’ ORLY?”

Bigge, “The Cost of (Anti-)Social Networks: Identity, Agency, and Neo-Luddites”

Suggested: Portwood-Stacer, “Conspicuous Non-Consumption: The Performative Dimension of Media Refusal Among Facebook Abstainers”

5/9:      Final Exam due at 12 noon

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